Drupal Hack Nights are Back!

Submitted by iamjon on א', 11/21/2010 - 13:41

Hi Ran,
It's not a lecture or a presentation. Everyone comes with their own ideas, projects, work, and shares.
In the past we did things collectively ie set up debugging on eclipse, looked at messaging module.
But we also broke up into little groups where we had people that need help being helped by people who had knowledge.
I for one want to work a little on the rtl hebrew related bugs in views, but as always it's an open forum.
Best regards

Hi everyone, It's been a while, but now it's time to dust up the laptops and get together once again. As usual bring your projects/problems + ideas and we will learn and contribute together, this is open to all levels. We will meet at Comrax, beit zarfat, Ha Umanim 2 first floor @ 19:00 on Thursday Decemeber 23 2010.
For those coming from out of town it's right off of the Ha Shalom exit on the Ayalon, and by the Ha Shalom train station. 

היי חברים הגיע הזמן להעיף את האבק מהלפטופ ולהפגש שוב
כרגיל- הביאו את הפרויקטים/ בעיות שלכם +רעיונות – נלמד ונתרום יחד,
ההצעה פתוחה לכל הרמות נפגש בקומרקס בית צרפת האמנים 2 יום חמישי 23.12 בשעה 19:00

, The overall idea is outlined here:
Here is bit more background:


See you there