Monthly or Bi Monthly Hack Nights July 29

iamjon | ביום א', 06/27/2010 - 11:34

איפה יתקיים המפגש ?
אני חושב שאולי כדאי במפגש הקרוב בנוסף לעבודה האישית של כל אחד, שמישהו מהקהילה יתן איזו הרצאה לא ארוכה ומועילה זה יכול להוסיף המון.

לגבי התכנים של המפגש הצעתי באתר MEETUP נושא אפשרי לעבוד עליו. אני חושב שמאוד חשוב, או לפחות לי חשוב, להגדיר משהו לגבי המפגשים האלו  -- כי רק לבוא ולהתקין דיבאגר, תכלס, זה לא נורא מעניין.


מי שמעוניין בנושא שהצעתי, נא להוסיף איזו תגובה, והכי טוב "להתכונן" קצת -- ככל שאנשים יבואו יותר מוכנים יהיה יותר עניין ויהיה יותר לימודי.

I think Amitai is correct and that his idea to work on the messages module for open atrium could be very cool.
It would be a excellent learning experience for many of us.

For those who feel intimidated to start working on such a huge module right away, don't worry I think it's important that we also have room for people who need help with more general things as well.

So to sum up,I'm completely for working on messages for open atrium, but if there is anyone who wanted to come but now feels that it could be over their heads, come anyway ,bring questions, we'll answer

Hi Yoel,
It depends on whether or not you would like to join Amitai in Messaging for Open Atrium.
If yes, then grab a copy of open atrium, and a copy of the messaging modules.
If no: bring your latop,projects that you are working on, expertise and quesitons.

Best regards

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out.
We managed to take a look at amitai's message module, work on a bit and share knowledge.
I think it was a great success. I look forward to the next meeting, that I think will be some time after the chagim.

People inquired about have meetings more often, like once a month. I personally have no problem with that, but am stretched out bit thin to organize it, so if anyone wants to host a meeting feel free to post a message and get the ball rolling.

On another note, someone left a hardcover blue notebook at the meeting. Message me so we can arrange a pick up.

All the best, see you at the next meeting!

Hi Everyone,
Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, we will have to delay the Hack Night By One Week.
The new date is July 29th.

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